Heater Control Panel

We build compete panel for controlling heater temperature using PID controllers .PID digital controllers gives good stability in temperature control compare to ON-OFF type analog controllers.Electric power consumption of PID based panel is low compared with ON/OFF type analog controllers.

PID panels comes with two types:-According to type PID gives us temperature cycle with time as shown in below graph.

1.PID with Profile output panel:-When need temperature change cycle with specified time.PID will calculated output ratio . In any case power interruption or temperature not achieve as per given programed time then also temperature cycle will complete with waiting cycle .Not need to restart a program.
We give you controllers with already installed programs .User need only to select no of program

PID -Profile type temperature controller

2.PID with steady output panel:-When need same temperature cycle with specified time.PID will achieve set temperature with min tolerance.

PID-Steady Type Temperature Controller

Send us details of application ,heater type ,heater (kW ) load and temperature sensor details like type J,K,R , PT100,RTD etc .We give us best PID temperature controlled panel .We made these panels with complete unit of switches ,PID controllers ,SSR ,Amp and Volt meters .End user need connect only heater and temperature sensor.