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QIWEI, a leading manufacturer of motor winding machines, partners with Konsept Technologies for sales and service activities. Konsept’s expertise in sales and service complements QIWEI’s manufacturing excellence, ensuring seamless support for customers. With Konsept’s efficient operations and QIWEI’s quality products, clients receive top-notch service and innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Experience the synergy of QIWEI’s manufacturing prowess and Konsept’s sales and service proficiency. Contact us today to elevate your motor winding machine experience.

  • Explore our range of advanced automatic motor winding machines, including:
    • Automatic Stator Winding Machines
    • Automatic Rotor Winding Machines
  • We offer:
    • Accessories and spare parts
    • Professional installation and training
    • Routine maintenance and repairs
    • Dedicated technical assistance