Our Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) are meticulously engineered to address diverse automation needs in manufacturing processes. From precise parts assembly to efficient material handling and error-proofing mechanisms, our SPMs are tailored to optimize your production workflow and enhance overall efficiency.

Solutions we provide:

  • Parts Assembly: Streamline your assembly line with our SPMs, ensuring precise and efficient component assembly for seamless production processes.
  • Pick and Place Systems: Automate material handling tasks with speed and accuracy using our advanced pick and place systems, optimizing throughput and minimizing manual labor.
  • Auto Parts Inspection and Sorting: Our SPMs incorporate intelligent sensors and algorithms to inspect and sort parts with precision, ensuring high-quality outputs and minimizing errors in the production line.
  • Auto Tapping Equipment: Reduce production time and ensure consistent thread quality with our automated tapping equipment, enhancing productivity and reliability.
  • Parts Orientation Devices: Our orientation devices precisely orient components, facilitating seamless integration into assembly processes and minimizing assembly errors.
  • Jigs and Fixtures: Custom-designed jigs and fixtures securely hold and position parts during manufacturing processes, ensuring accuracy and repeatability in production.
  • Material Handling Systems: From conveyor solutions to robotic palletizers, our material handling systems optimize the movement of materials throughout your facility, improving efficiency and reducing manual handling.
  • Poka Yoke Solutions: Our poka yoke devices incorporate error-proofing mechanisms to prevent defects and ensure product quality, enhancing overall process reliability and efficiency.
  • Packaging Machines: Our packaging machines automate the packaging process, ensuring efficient and uniform packaging of finished products for distribution and shipment.